Moving and hauling in folsom

Basic Coverage

Extraction Masters LLC offers free basic liability coverage, which covers in case possessions are damaged or lost during a move. The maximum payout under this kind of protection is $0.60 per pound possession. This might not be enough coverage, particularly in the case of a high valued items.

Comprehensive Coverage

Extraction Masters LLC also offers additional coverage that gives you full protection for possessions that might get damaged or lost. With comprehensive coverage, any damaged or lost possessions will either be repaired or replaced.

Extraction Masters LLC Protects Your Things

Coverage for moving helps when your belongings get damaged, But the best protection is the care our family takes when helping you with your move.  Our family uses stretch wrap, padded blankets, thick plastic sheeting and tape rolls. By doing this process, it help keep it and minimize possible damages. 

Choose the Right Coverage for You

Extraction Masters LLC options mean you can tailor your protection to your needs and find the right options for your move. Call now to begin your free, no obligation quote, or call below to get started. 


Do You have Questions?

We are here to help you understand everything about the process of moving.

Please feel free to ask us questions. MOVING AND HAULING IN FOLSOM, CITRUS HEIGHTS, ROCKLIN, ROSEVILLE AND SACRAMENTOExtraction Masters LLC is Managed by CBMP INC.

How much does it Cost

Our family will come to you and help you decide the right direction for your family move.